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  • Clearance Officer (Logistics)

    • CPP Petroleum Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd

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    Job Responsibility
    • Visualize the actual situation of the project, preparation of customs clearance program; According to Malaysian customs import and export policies and regulations,
    • Responsible to apply for and handling all kinds of permits related to imported materials and equipment;
    • According to the materials and equipment shipped in China, communicate with the customs clearance agencies in advance, examine and provide relevant clearance materials to assist in the clearance of goods and logistics work; to Hong Kong;
    • Responsible for communicating with Customs and customs clearance agencies and dealing with and resolving various problems that arise during customs clearance;
    • Collect and sort out various information related to customs clearance.

    Job Requirements
    • Familiar in handling Malaysian Customs import and export goods (construction equipment, supplies) policy;
    • Familiar with Malaysian customs clearance process;
    • Experience in handled CIDB, MITI agency, COA license, AP licensing and other related experience.
    • Engaged in more than 1 large-scale construction projects (project amount 70 million US dollars) construction equipment, materials declaration, customs clearance work;

    Job Benifits
    • Contract Position: 2 years
    • Allowances, EPF, SOCSO, Annual Leave
    • Location: Penang, Klang, Pasir Gudang, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan
    • Lebuh IRC , Putrajaya

    • Tarikh Tutup
    • 15 Mar 2018

    Tawaran Jawatan Clearance Officer (Logistics) akan ditutup pada 15 Mar 2018. Lokasi pekerjaan ini adalah di Lebuh IRC ,Putrajaya. Clearance Officer (Logistics) adalah kerja Full Time. Kerja ini dalam kategori Transportation / Logistics.


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