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  • Internship for Journalism Program

    • Hello Health Group (M)

    • Gaji
    • RM500.0 - RM500.0 Per Month

    Job Responsibility
    • Your Role
      • Research of new content ideas, contribute ideas for healthy lifestyle articles.
      • Development and translation of own articles.
      • Ensure the accuracy of the content by sourcing the medical references provided.
      • Ensure the language written is simple and friendly for the general public.
    • What You Will Learn
      • English to BM translation.
      • You can choose either to be based at our office or you can always do it from the comfort of your home!
      • Writing best practice, including grammar, wording, EYD, and spelling.
      • Writing engaging and informative articles for the web audience.
      • Optimization of articles for search engine.
      • Monthly allowance and Hello Doktor Internship certificate at the end of the program

    Job Requirements
    • In a nutshell
    • What is the one thing you have to look for when searching for a place to do your internship?
    • Is it the reputation of the company? The internship fee? The distance from the office to your home?
    • Well, it’s good if you can have all that, but don’t let it distract you from the main reason why you need to do an internship (aside from it being the university’s requirement)
    • …..yep, you got it! Experience.
    • You know full well that most companies always look for candidates with a job experience whenever they open a job vacancy. As a fresh graduate, this is going to be tough for you since most college graduates don’t have anything listed under ‘Experience’ on their CV, aside from maybe a bit of volunteer work, and organizational experience (which, to be honest, most companies don’t care for).
    • This is where internship comes in.
    • Of course, you can’t just get a random job experience. If your dream is to be a writer in a media, for example, an experience as a secretary might not help. What employers want to know is what you did during that internship, and how that work experience will help you to excel in whatever job it is that you’re applying for. 
    • So unless your dream job is becoming a barista or a personal assistant, don’t fall for the typical internship in Malaysia when all you have to do is making coffee for everyone, scan documents, and be ready by their side in case they need anything.
    • In Hello Doktor, our mission is not only to make sure Malaysians have access to reliable health information. We also want to build a team of young people who share this mission, and know how their skills and passion can contribute to realizing this goal. This can be any skill from writing, designing, sales, social media management, marketing, or even any business related skill for you entrepreneurial-minded folks.
    • We are also aware that to find people with these skills, we don’t always need to rely on qualified professionals with years of experience. Sometimes we can find a diamond in the rough if we open up our hands for younger people, even college students, who could be the next superstar in this business within 5 years, who just need an opportunity to prove themselves and to show that they can do it.
    • Requirements
      • Must be currently enrolled as a student in Bahasa Melayu Literature or English Literature, Language Studies, Journalism, Mass Communication, Medical, Public Healthcare or related course.
      • Must be a native speaker of Bahasa Melayu.
      • Proficient in English (writing/speaking).
      • Must be able to communicate in English.
      • Demonstrate good time management and attention to detail.
      • Must be passionate about health and helping the community.

    Job Benifits
    • In Hello Doktor, you can have that opportunity.
      • We will make sure that your contribution will be significant, that in the end of the internship program you will be able to brag to your friends that YOU did this. We will also make sure that you not only contribute, but also gain something from us, whether it is a new skill, new knowledge, or even new friends. And who knows, maybe you will like the job so much you’ll end up working with us permanently.
    • Lorong Binjai , Kuala Lumpur

    • Tarikh Tutup
    • 15 Mar 2018

    Tawaran Jawatan Internship for Journalism Program akan ditutup pada 15 Mar 2018. Lokasi pekerjaan ini adalah di Lorong Binjai ,Kuala Lumpur. Internship for Journalism Program adalah kerja Internship. Kerja ini dalam kategori Journalism.


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